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Place de la Révolution

Statue by Injalbert Fountain in the Place de la Revolution, Beziers Commenorative plaque

< The sculture, by Injalbert, was unveiled on the 24th March 1907

“ In this square on the third of December 1851 the army fired upon the Republican Demonstrators, who, encouraged by the Mayor, Casimir Peret, were against the coup d'État by Napoleon III.

The supression of this movement resulted in certain persons being condemmed to death and others deported to French Guiana.

Casimir Peret, who had been relegated to Cayenne, perished at sea during an escape attempt from that isle. ”

Inscription on Injalberts statue

Injalbert's monument serves to remind us of yet another refusal by the Bitterois to accept an authoritarian central power!
Who said the French weren't “revolting”? (Please don't forget that I am one, a Frenchman.)

Casimir Peret, Mayor of Beziers in 1851

Casimir Peret

A “ Mystery ”

It is told that during WW2 a piece of the statue was removed by the Germans, in 2003 there is still a trace of something and (far right) you can see that part the marble base has been replaced. What is missing? Where is it now? My sources inform me that it was a bronze statue by Injalbert, and that after removal it was melted down, sad.

© 2009 Malcolm Beeson

Photo from 28th June 2003 showing something not there today

28 June 2003
Plinth of statue showing repairs

7 October 2009

Footnote : Napoleon III died in Chislehurst, Kent, United Kingdom



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