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Sainte Madeleine Church steeple

Sainte Madeleine Church, Béziers

This very much restored Romanesque Church is constructed on a 4th century rampart, the octagonal tower was added during the 14th century, it stands today testament to dramatic scenes like the murder of Viscount Trencavel in 1167 and the fire during the sacking of Béziers in 1209. During the revolution it was transformed into a workshop for bayonettes.
Eglise de la Madeleine
The church is open everyday and mass is held three times a week.

The square in front of the church has several restaurants where you can enjoy a meal in the open air or « à l’interieur ». There are markets held in the square several days each week where the emphasis is on organic, home-made or private individuals just selling their unwanted belongings, there are the occassional antiques to be discovered!



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